The artisan and artistics products of the workshop of Martin Damay sculptor
The sculptures made, the specializations of the sculptor in stone

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       Virgin Statues

Statue de Vierges à l'enfant

Specialty of Martin Damay sculptor ; statues of Virgin and Child in stone and other materials. Statues to order and creation of exhibitions. See the presentation page, and see the works (pages 2 and 3)

        Stone statues

produits du sculpteur


Statues carved in stone. Two techniques are preferred for the creation of a statue. Achievements in the experiment ; View :


produits du sculteur

Sculptures on the theme realized in stone from 1996. Several sculptures ; Decoration, objects, symbols…

arts for churches

art Sacré

Sculptures for churches and other forms of sacred arts ; Works by the artist. View works :

    Statues for niches

Statue pour niche

Niches filled by a stone statue. Examples of niches with statues and achievements. The stone is preferred for statues.